Keep Summer Fun with These Road Trip Safety Tips

Summer Road Trip Safety Tips | Toronto, ON

Summer is the perfect time to head out on a road trip through Canada’s beautiful landscapes. To ensure that your journey stays enjoyable, keep these summer road trip safety tips in mind as you head out.

Don’t let yourself get fatigued — or bored. Tiredness can be just as dangerous while driving as texting. When you’re driving long distances, make sure you take plenty of rest stops along the way. Also, bring some form of entertainment, such as podcasts, audio books, and car-friendly games, to prevent you from getting bored behind the wheel.

Know your terrain. Canada has a vast array of terrains to tackle when you’re exploring, from mountains to prairies. Make sure you know how to drive in each type. For instance, try not to overheat your engine or your brakes when you’re driving in the mountains.

Watch for wildlife. Animals tend to be more active during the summer, so make sure you’re constantly on alert for wildlife crossing the road ahead. Dawn and dusk are prime times for animal activity, so be extra aware then. Also, keep an eye out for flickering road reflectors. These can indicate that animal is moving in front of them and onto the road.

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