2021 Sentra Receives Stellar Ratings in Cars.com Child Seat Test

2021 Sentra Receives Stellar Ratings in Cars.com Child Seat Test | Toronto, ON

The 2021 Nissan Sentra is a great option for a young family in the city. With its small size and affordable price, you won’t believe just how much you get with this sedan. To make it even more appealing, the 2021 Sentra received straight A’s in the Cars.com 2021 Car Seat Fit Report Card.

What made the Sentra so appealing during this test was how roomy its interior is. With 34.7 inches of rear legroom, five different types of child car seats fit easily in the sedan. This included Latch, Infant, Rear-Facing Convertible, Forward-Facing Convertible, and Booster seat types. Even with the largest seat in the back, front-seat room was not affected and gave both the driver and passenger plenty of space to stretch out.

But for Nissan, it wasn’t just about receiving the high ratings from Cars.com; the company is focused on bringing a larger concern into the spotlight. “What serves as icing on the cake is that the other three vehicles called out by Cars.com Honor Roll are larger vehicles,” said Jared Haslam, vice president of Product and Services Planning at Nissan U.S. and Canada. “Not all car seats fit in all vehicles and choosing the appropriate child restraint system can be confusing. We appreciate Cars.com bringing attention to this important issue.”

Starting at just $19,198, the 2021 Nissan Sentra offers a long list of standard features to make your daily drives simpler. To learn more about this sedan, or to take one for a test drive, contact our team at Nissan Downtown in Toronto, Ontario.

Stay Safe with These Winter Driving Safety Tips

Winter Driving Safety | Nissan Downtown | Toronto, ON

Roads in winter can be dangerous when there’s ice, sleet, or snow. To help you navigate these conditions, we’ve put together some safety tips for winter driving in Toronto. Keep these driving pointers in mind as you head out on the roads this winter.

Go easy on your brakes and acceleration

When you’re driving in the winter, you never want to make sudden movements. This means you shouldn’t slam on your brakes or quickly accelerate. Doing so can cause you to lose traction on the road.

Increase your following distance

Give yourself plenty of time to react if something happens ahead of you by increasing your following distance.

Understand skids

Losing traction while driving can be scary, but if you remain calm you can drive your way out of it. If you find yourself in a front-wheel skid, ease off the gas pedal and turn your steering wheel in the direction you want to go. For a rear-wheel skid, make sure you turn your steering wheel in the direction your rear end is sliding. Don’t touch the gas or brake pedal until your vehicle has straightened out.

Clean your car off well

Visibility is crucial when you’re driving, no matter the time of the year. Because of this, you should make sure that you clear of all of your vehicle’s windows, along with the hood, taillights, and headlights. Also, remove all snow from the roof of your car so you don’t impair the vision of the driver behind you.

Keeping up with your vehicle’s regular maintenance is another key way to stay safe this winter. For oil changes, brake checks, and all other routine service, turn to our service department here at Nissan Downtown in Toronto.

Nissan Safety Shield® 360 Now Standard on More Models

Nissan Safety Shield® 360 | Nissan Downtown | Toronto, ON

Nissan is working to help you feel more confident and protected behind the wheel. It’s been proven that advanced driver assistance systems can help reduce crashes, so the brand has decided that it will offer its innovative Nissan Safety Shield® 360 suite as standard equipment starting in 2021.

The announcement of this decision was made in conjunction with National Teen Driver Safety Week, which encourages parents to have important conversations with their teen drivers about how to stay safe behind the wheel.

“Offering these safety technologies as standard equipment on 11 of our most popular models in Canada is an important step forward,” said Andy Christensen, senior manager and lead technology expert for Intelligent Transportation System Research at Nissan Technical Center North America. “This added layer of protection can help keep young drivers safe, especially as they are getting used to being on busy roads.”

Every Nissan Safety Shield® 360 suite includes six advanced driver-assistance features:

  • Automatic Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection
  • Lane Departure Warning
  • High Beam Assist
  • Blind Spot Warning
  • Rear Cross Traffic Alert
  • Rear Automatic Braking

This suite of safety features now comes standard on the Nissan Sentra, LEAF, Maxima, Qashqai, and TITAN. It will also come standard on the 2021 Rogue and three other models, which will be announced in the coming months. 

To test-drive a model with standard Nissan Safety Shield 360® features, visit us here at Nissan Downtown in Toronto.

Taking Care of Your Vehicle While It Sits Idle

Vehicle Sits Idle | Toronto, ON

Has it been awhile since you’ve taken your Nissan out for a spin around Toronto? The longer your vehicle sits idle, the more its reliability and safety can be impacted over the long term. To ensure that it still stays in good working condition, just follow these tips.

Keep your battery charged. Over time, your idle car can discharge its battery, which means you will quickly have a car that doesn’t start. If you can, use a battery tender that attaches to the battery’s terminals to keep it charged.

Check your tire pressure. Flat spots can form on your tires if your vehicle sits motionless for too long. Checking your tire pressure frequently will keep them properly inflated, therefore combating these spots.

Drive around the block. Many issues that come up because your car sits idle can be prevented. All you need to do is take it out for a 20-minute drive to get your car’s battery charged and its fluids circulating. This will also help remove any rust that could be forming on your car’s brake rotors. Plus, it can help fight the cabin fever you might be feeling from staying at home.

If your vehicle is already experiencing problems from sitting idle for too long, don’t worry — our service department at Nissan Downtown is here to get it running smoothly again for you.