Autumn Car Care for Your Nissan

Autumn Car Care for Your Nissan | Toronto, ON

As the weather starts to change here in Toronto, one thing you’ll want to consider is checking in on your Nissan. Autumn car care is important, and we’ve got some tips to ensure that your car keeps running for years to come.

Tire tread and inflation

If it starts to rain or snow, your car’s tires will need traction to keep you safely on the road. Traction is ideal when the tires have enough tread and are properly inflated. You can typically find the PSI for the tires in the driver’s door jamb or the owner’s manual.

Check the battery

Just as cold weather can affect your car’s battery, extreme heat can, too. After a brutal summer, you’ll want to open the hood and see if the battery is running well. You can bring your vehicle to our team at Nissan Downtown to check this if you’re not sure how to do so.

Prepare your HVAC system

Another component that has likely been working hard this summer is your HVAC, or A/C, system. This same system also works to keep you warm in the fall and winter. The last thing you want is to feel cool air when it’s cold outside, so you should have the HVAC system checked by our team if you think it’s not working well.

If your Nissan vehicle needs some routine maintenance or if you just have any general questions, feel free to contact our team or schedule an appointment with us at Nissan Downtown in Toronto, Ontario.