3 Spring Car Maintenance Tips to Give Your Car A Fresh Start

Spring Car Maintenance - Toronto, ON

Winter is gone, which means warmer weather is here and it’s time for the fresh start of spring. Why not give your Nissan a breath of fresh air? Here at Nissan Downtown, we’ve put together some spring car maintenance tips that will give your vehicle a new lease on life.


Change your windshield wipers. Frosty conditions throughout the winter months have probably done a number on your windshield wipers. That’s why spring is the perfect time to change your blades. Keep in mind that this should be done every six months.


Clear out the clutter. Most of us are guilty of collecting various things in our cars throughout the winter months. After all, who wants to clean out their car in the cold? Take the spring to de-clutter your car, getting rid of any trash or items that don’t belong. You can also take the time to organize your glovebox to make finding essential paperwork easier.


Give your car a thorough bath. Winter’s grit and salt can really impact your car’s exterior, so giving it a clean when the weather warms up is a good idea. Make sure you scrub it down and add a coat of wax to seal your car’s paint from the elements. Also, don’t forget to wash your car’s undercarriage to prevent future rusting.


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