Taking Care of Your Vehicle While It Sits Idle

Vehicle Sits Idle | Toronto, ON

Has it been awhile since you’ve taken your Nissan out for a spin around Toronto? The longer your vehicle sits idle, the more its reliability and safety can be impacted over the long term. To ensure that it still stays in good working condition, just follow these tips.

Keep your battery charged. Over time, your idle car can discharge its battery, which means you will quickly have a car that doesn’t start. If you can, use a battery tender that attaches to the battery’s terminals to keep it charged.

Check your tire pressure. Flat spots can form on your tires if your vehicle sits motionless for too long. Checking your tire pressure frequently will keep them properly inflated, therefore combating these spots.

Drive around the block. Many issues that come up because your car sits idle can be prevented. All you need to do is take it out for a 20-minute drive to get your car’s battery charged and its fluids circulating. This will also help remove any rust that could be forming on your car’s brake rotors. Plus, it can help fight the cabin fever you might be feeling from staying at home.

If your vehicle is already experiencing problems from sitting idle for too long, don’t worry — our service department at Nissan Downtown is here to get it running smoothly again for you.

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